Keeping up the yearly rituals

5 min readFeb 6, 2024


Wrote this piece from Dec ‘23- Early Jan ’24. It's Feb ’24 already, posting right away…

I am such a dreamer // soaking in a moment of reflection

If 2023 were a season, it probably would be autumn, signifying the art of letting go of the comfort I have been used to, embracing changes, watching my life like a movie atimes, and appreciating the beauty of new beginnings. I have written about my year in hindsight & foresight since 2020, and I am glad about the seemingly tiny steps of consistency and growth I have had since then. I hope you don't get bored with this episode (haha). I am only trying to count my stock!

For some reason, I feel this would be short. Not because, it wasn’t memorable but because my heart is full about what a year this has been! 2023 was truly an experience for me, living in answered prayers, owning my journey, and staying committed to it!

I had one major goal I aspired for this year, and that was to take a huge flight in my career through education, the idea was to be laser-focused on the goal such that, its achievement (whether as a whole or in parts) would mean the most success for the year! Lo and behold, I started my MBA program at Kenan Flagler Business School, and just like dominoes, many other blessings have followed suit in that pattern.

In the spirit of remembrance, I will highlight 12 blessings I am thankful for this year (in no order);

My 2023 aspirations — looked back at my writings, esp 2022 and was wowed! Saw 2023 aspirations and am grateful I wrote that beautiful piece! It made me more conscious about being grateful for my life! I genuinely challenge you to help yourself by documenting your life, in any way you can. The experience will help you reflect, and see your growth spots and areas to stay thankful for!

New beginnings- Yeah new beginnings in many ways — Back to school, again, settling into a new city (country & continent), making friends again (as an adult), learning to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, trying new cuisines, appreciating seasons literally(summer, autumn, winter, eagerly looking forward to spring) and all of that stuff that comes with being new to a system!

Rejections — oh yeah, I faced a chunk number of rejections! Hahaha, getting an MBA is one thing, walking the journey is another, esp for recruitment but I’m grateful my rejections are redirecting me to where I should be and I’m eagerly looking forward to that. Until then, I see the cup is neither half full nor half empty, rather it's overflowing in the direction of where I should be! When I get there, you’ll remember I said so!

The gift of community — I am a person who loves community and thrives through that, and I have been thoroughly blessed with that back home (argh, my dear friends and communities from Naija 🫶🫶🫶) and abroad! I didn’t want to be isolated or do life alone, especially when I moved to the USA, so I plugged into different communities that helped me settle in better. (Excited I opened up to lean on the support systems I have now)

Family and Friends — I almost categorized them as community but naa, these guys have stood by and for me in ways money can't buy. I am deeply grateful for them.

My Faith — Tbh, I don't know how people maintain a joyful disposition through life without the gift of faith, salvation in Christ, hope for eternity, joy & strength for the tough days. This has been my haven! Grateful for the word of God, grateful for the gift of prayers, and grateful for my church (home and abroad) — CCI & Chapel Church! Solid communities fr fr.

Opportunities — to explore! I recall how I said I’d travel on Jireh! Lo and behold, Jireh carried me 😁🥰. I am getting to see the beauty in diversity, the wonders of creation and all I can say is God is Good! This year, was 3 cities & 2 countries. 2024 — I explore Europe in all its glory, on Jireh! (Can I hear an amen?!🙏)

Preservation — literally and figuratively! Preservation of my mind, faith, and essence. I look back at some of the challenges, worries, and uncertainties I faced in the year, and if “May We Never Lose Our Wonder” was an experience, then that’s what I had!

Provision— literally and figuratively! It is called Jireh Maths! My needs were met in ways I did not anticipate. I learned to TRUST, to know that the one who leads me, ensures that I am taken care of. I realized that all I need isn’t always money, I’ve learned to trust for provision for what I truly need, not want! Taking this with me into 2024!

Etsebox — a gift that keeps giving, just like her source. It is a privilege to steward a channel of blessings through an amazing team! PS — Etsebox is my brainchild, a gift curation business that can help you express affection to your loved ones through the art of gifting

Prophecies — prophecies have gone ahead of me, and given me comfort! Right before I think sometimes, I find that these words work for me already. I do not take them for granted.

My journey — They say it's only the person who can think, can thank! it is always in hindsight that the dots connect and you see the beauty in your journey. Paraphrasing Salem Kinging's words, I challenge you to count your stock and document your life.

Whether you choose to share in bits or whole through social media platforms, remember life comes like a wave, there are seemingly good times and there are tough times, I hope you learn the art of surfing through the tides of life! I hope you learn to see through the lenses of gratitude, faith, and hope for a better year ahead!

About 2024 — the path of the righteous is as a shining light, shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day! That’s the story of my life! (You can check back to read my thoughts about it if I eventually write & publish it 😅)

If you read to this point, thank you for following my journey! Hope you’re bold enough to count your blessings too!

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