Looking ahead to 2023, inspired by 2022

3 min readJan 28, 2023

Go big, or go home!

I have extensively written about 2022 and I’m tempted to write so much about 2023, but I won't. There are a few things God has inspired in my heart but I do not feel permitted to share them explicitly yet. However, one thing I know for sure is that 2023 will be a good year, — not just because it will be filled with highlights but because I know that no matter the turn it takes, all things will work in my favour, and for God’s purpose.

2023 — We go big or go home. There is no playing small. No mediocrity. I take every single thing that I am privileged to handle very seriously. (wait, I have always been a serious student, lmao) Here is what I mean- I am facing my own fears and insecurities, and I won't allow me to stop me.

Here are a few other things somehow embedded in my goals and aspirations for the year

  1. Mentorship — I tried this last year and the experience was not smooth so I am trying again. I have been connected to a young man in UI on a mentorship program& I am committed to seeing him reach his goals over the next 3 months. I want to be deliberate about mentoring my younger siblings as well, both male & female

2. Self-improvement — No long talk, I just want to be 1% better daily in everything I do.

3. Discipline — I want to see things through, I want to stretch. I want to mean the things I say and say the things I mean. I want to live a fasted year, constantly prioritizing what matters and building my spirit up.

4. Boundaries — Started learning this and want to keep at it. I look forward to guarding my heart with diligence, protecting my energy, my grace, my values, and the wonder of being a child.

5. Travel — This is on Jireh, in Temisan parlance and e go happen ✈️

6. I will experience is a shift in my Career — More like a level-up/ flight😎

7. Business growth — I want to sustain the consistency I built from last year to expand my network and client base. Play me billionaire 🎶

8. Opportunities — I am very hopeful for a broad surface area of opportunities across different phases of my life cos I am constantly sowing the seed of time, effort and investment in my relationships.

9. Relationship — I’ll fall in love again, with a man of faith and character and this time, it won’t be short-lived ✨

10. Risks — I am open to taking more risks and allowing a bit of spontaneity away from my comfort zone.

Summarily, it’s the blooming year. Last year was defining, this year is for more results, as much I sow in return.

I’m very much confident about this year and beyond cos, I trust in God. He is my father, he has a track record, he would hold me through the good times, he would uphold me when the clouds are dark and when my own strength fails me. I have backing, I have assurance, and that is why I can be confident about any year, whether this or the next.

Now do you have hope ? if you don’t, I challenge you today to put your trust in God. Worry and trying so hard to help yourself would stress you out. Trust him and watch him make your life truly purposeful✨

Ps- I’ve been writing since the beginning of January and publishing towards the end. I honestly don’t exactly feel like it but what has feelings got to do with it?

Learning to get things done over perfection


Pss — looking forward to the end of the year and to see how it all actually pans out. Until then, take care .

❤️ X ✨