Mid-year, big, no going back!

3 min readAug 21, 2023

Today makes one month since I moved to the USA for an MBA program at the University of North Carolina.

I am sleepy now but I cannot let another week go by without putting this out here. It is so tempting to go through a very intense phase/experience, come out of it and shrug, looking forward to the next big thing! 😮‍💨

I would hopefully write a longer reflection on my journey to & in Kenan Flagler Business School, however here are a few thoughts I want to remind myself of when I read this in future

  1. Girl, dare to dream — this journey was one of a dream! You dreamt & desired to be a global citizen, to learn in a world-class structured learning environment, to genuinely grow, to build your network, and give yourself a chance to see the world and shine your light within it! Here you are living it! I am proud of you!

2. Never forget you did not get here alone — Relationships, networks, acquaintances, and divine coincidences led you here. You have stories for days! Right from where you were on your way to the UK, and the conversation with Shalom confirmed that an MBA was a better decision; to writing essays that Solomon and Gbemi would proofread! From sleepovers at Toritses house for GRE to nights of worry and Ife would comfort me with a bear hug! Cannot possibly list all names cos it took a village to get here!

I have got a Google sheet with notes from loved ones to wish me well! so dear to my heart! This pic is an abridged version

3. A closed mouth does not get fed!— Remember when you went back to ask for funds even after they said there were no funds, what happened? you got it! Remember you were told there were limited housing spaces, but you asked and showed up, and what happened? You got an apartment literally 3 min away from school! No matter the obstacle my darling, just dare to ask for what you desire!

This image reminds me persistence is key!

4. Start early — No one needs to remind you again, you know if you applied much earlier, you could have avoided some stress you went through but no qualms, God dey your back so I do not have any doubt you would do great! and get better at shooting your shots

5. Trust God and believe in yourself — I hope this milestone reminds you that you are Gold! You are solid! You are a star girl for real for real! Your steps are ordered by God and He’s got you no matter what! You can achieve absolutely anything you set your mind to achieve!

if i can learn to wear make up at this old age, i can definitely learn anything :)

I hope this inspires you as much as I’m inspired to keep dreaming!

I will hopefully post a longer reflection or publish one of my drafts where I detailed some of my experiences. On the flip side, this dream is expensive, definitely not a walk in the park and one day I’ll tell the story !

Till the next medium post, dare to dream!