MBA is a leveler, but your peers are not your mate

2 min readOct 19, 2023
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Yes, you made it to a top school! You have that validation that sets you on a Global level with just anyone! You have worked hard, and yes, you deserve that seat! You got that scholarship, fellowship, and accolades to show that you are a real deal!

Cool! Amazing! Stargirl! Starboy!

But hey, never forget, this is just another beginning.

It is a playground for another level of success

Your peers are not your “mates”, some of them were CEOs (just like you), and some of them have attained the new achievement you are aspiring for! Don’t get too familiar because you see them often!

Stay humble enough to learn from them, and build, and grow meaningful relationships with them. I hope you choose to see the light, the beauty, the courage, and the strength that your current peers carry!

I hope you don't just party together and have no one to lean on when the storms come.

On the flip side, I hope you are vulnerable enough to share the light that YOU carry as well. I hope you let people experience the power and grace you bring!

You ask yourself, what do I even bring to the table?

Darling you bring YOU! Don’t doubt your contribution — remember, you bring your distinct perspective, experiences, cultural background, and valuable life lessons. Your authentic self is a significant asset.

So go on and shine! Never forget who and whose you are!