Looking ahead at 2022

2021 was quite a year for me! I wrote about it in my drafts and it is still there (lol). Here I’m I jumping into other things I look forward to in 2022…

5 min readJan 30, 2022
Me looking at my bright future *shines teeth*

1. Chasing Consistency Over Perfection

Right from childhood, I have always been that girl who wants to get 10/10 in assignments, slay my Aces in tests & exams, and truth be told I did pretty good (at least my primary and secondary schoolmates can attest to it, lol), I remember how I would bother my brother, TJ to do my assignment for me if I was experiencing difficulties because I just wanted to be right & perfect. I realize that even when I was younger, I made decisions that were based on how “perfect” I wanted my life to evolve.

But guess who is not a medical doctor, not married, or even in a relationship as she perfectly planned her life at 25? me! (insert laugh emoji)

However realistically, life has always turned out differently from how I wanted it. Usually, in a good way and more in my favor. So this season and phase of my life, this girl ain’t chasing milestone goals or any perfect ending or result. I am choosing to be consistent, in the little things. I am not waiting to slay all life goals before I appreciate that I have got a beautiful life. and this leads me to the 2nd thing I am looking forward to this year 2022.

2. Living in the moment

Yes, to celebrate every little or big win. Yes to moving into a new apartment, rather than float for the next few months because I am looking forward to a big break in the year. Yes to going to the beach because I need to relax on a workday. Yes to appreciate the people in my life every time cos they deserve it. Yes to being there for my friends and family. Yes to just being present in this moment, right here and making it all count, now, right here.

A beautiful song I found to describe the expression of living in the moment, love eet!
Random pic of a girl holding a cup of milkshake
Glad I took the chances I had in January to be present

3. Money (Resources & Access)

Money oooooh, after money, Money! Yes, I am going to work harder and play my part. But to be honest, I have goals bigger than me that I look forward to lots of money, resources, and access to achieve.

I also think I should join a community like Money Africa to get financial literacy (Pls let me know your thoughts about that in the comments)

There are certain expressions that you can make only by having money, resources & access!

4. Passive & Active Learning

Started working with a new project team recently and I realize that this girl(me) has so much to actively learn. Thankfully, my line manager is an obvious lifelong active learner and slowly rubbing off on me.

I also realize that there are some areas of my life where I honestly do not know so as much as I think I do. So this year, I look forward to learning passively “on the go” through podcasts, reading more articles and reviews that I can complete at a stretch, perhaps through reading a couple of books too.

On active learning, I hope to write more & share (teach) others what I am learning as well. If there are any other ways you learn actively, please share with me. I am very curious to know

5. Personal Structure & Productivity

In teams I have volunteered in recently, we have had strategy plans and documents for the year. Who I’m I not to have one for my business and life. I am saying YES to putting all the things I am learning through service even in my life.

I am not setting yearly goals this time around, I would be exploring the 90 days laser focus strategy for 1/2 important goals while I work with structure in other areas.

Tolu, you had better hold me accountable, hehehe

Tolu has been my goal buddy for a couple of years now and this goal-setting subject has essentially been a part of what makes our friendship meaningful. This leads me to the last (not least) thing I am looking forward to in 2022

6. Commitment to the things & people that matter

I want to basically stay in touch, closely and purposefully with my family, friends, networks, and community. I am sure this is no small feat but I am willing to improve on myself to make things work.

I want to be more self-aware, understand my boundaries, and do not want to get out of touch with people I care about so easily. This is slightly out of my comfort zone, tbh, however, I am willing to consistently give, love, and be loved.

2022, I am investing my time and resources as well to the Gospel, cos it would matter in eternity. I am committed to shining as the Light that I have been destined to be!

Cheers to the “defining year”, standing firmly in areas where I should, purposefully and right at the moment (Kairos babe! 1.0)

Showing off this girl, I like her very much!
Leaving you with this picture of a spec! If she enters your eyes, connect with her in the comments or email themarie.xyz@gmail.com or IG (marie_belle__)