How do you become a better writer?

1 min readMay 3, 2023
How does one become a better writer?

Did you think this article would help you improve your writing skills? oh no! It isn’t, it is a call for help.

I logged into my Medium account now and saw my 15 drafts of brilliant ideas and article drafts that have not seen the light of day.

Lowkey, I think I would make a great writer if I put in the work and consistency but I really don't know why or how I should. However, there are a few things I am certain about

  • Writing helps me articulate my thoughts.
  • I express my feelings honestly in writing.
  • I can ‘argue’ better in writing.
  • I feel better after writing, more like a therapeutic feel.
  • Every time I write, I wish I could keep up with it and continue as a habit but I rarely do.
  • Lastly, I could be sometimes shy about sharing my thoughts etched in ink.

Anyhoo, I have written this one and would post it before I overthink it.

If you think you have answers to my question, pls comment or shoot me an email at Eppp me…..

ps — I might as well just google this o, lmaooooo