For 2024

2 min readFeb 6, 2024


God is in Her, She will not fail!

Whether you think you can or you cannot, you are right. So what would you choose?

While I have one major goal for this year, and a couple of aspirations I look forward to this year, I would like to share a few thoughts on my mind I hope to constantly remember through the 2024 journey. More like a note to self and I hope it inspires you,

Dear Marie (insert your name),

  1. In a world, where anyone can be anything, Dare to be authentic!

2. Dare to be all you are meant to be! Don’t be “de lulu” by trends or media agenda, stay true to yourself!

3. Don’t speak negatively about yourself, not even as a joke or out of frustration

4. What are we doing in 2024? Taking up space, baby! #OCCUPY

5. “Ija wa, ija osi, stay guarded” — Always on guard, no room for negativity! Stuff it out with faith and positive energy

6. Read- remember your sole goal for the year is to grow in depth! (remember yours)

7. Just do it- stop looking for fancy ways, tools, and approaches, focus on the core of what needs to be done, and just do it!

8. When in doubt — remember, there is no shame in not knowing. The shame lies in not finding out. Stay curious and hungry to know, and to grow!

9. Don’t rely on your feelings or cooked-up assumptions in your head — verify with data

10. Trust your instincts — even after facts and data check, search your soul! Trust the Holy Spirit to lead you

Remember, the end is guaranteed! So walk in ordered steps that have been ordained for you!

In the usual version, clearing my drafts cos I wrote this in Jan. This is Feb and the year has stretched me already but hey, I am only building resilience. It will make sense in hindsight. Until then, let’s enjoy the journey :)