Adulthood 2.0

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


Having to go through a rough season, while juggling other life areas, making important decisions, and paying bills in the middle of all of it. I think I have been an adult for a couple of years, but 25 made me more conscious of it, more like Adulthood 2.0.

It’s just February and it feels like I have spent 8 months in the year already. I have experienced all sorts of emotions and been in a headspace ranging from comfort, luxury, joy, peace, comfort, satisfaction, genuine happiness to being sad, hopeless, unsure, doubtful, heartbreak, bleak, tired, and constantly stressed.

I kinda have come to the realization that life is a pot of beans, honestly. There is always something to look forward to and stress you. Every phase despite its beauty comes with a lot of perksssss!!!!

Life is truly tough, not a walk in the park, it is a journey and trust me, not a smooth one however it never leaves me without a choice. That choice right there is a gift!

On other days, life is beautiful and worth living! It is satisfying, full of bright days filled with hopes and opportunities. Summarily, life is like a coin — It has both sides to it, so here is what I can do.

I can leverage on the gift it presents to me, and that is the gift of choice.

I saw a quote somewhere that says — “Life is a gift, living is a choice”

I can choose how I respond per time to events and situations. I can choose to look at the things within my control and create changes there. I can choose to be hopeful despite all the gloom and darkness. I can choose to serve, to be a courier of hope and light.

Sadly, I did not particularly know her before she passed on but this quote is so apt!

On days when I am truly tired and cannot help it, I would ask for help, I would pray, meditate, journal, cry, and do everything I can to fight for my joy! I might as well just do nothing and sleep, as the case may be


When it all comes down to it, on days when nothing makes sense when I am down and low-spirited. I hope I remember this gift of choice, I hope to remember God’s plans which are good and not evil, to give me hope and an expected end. I hope that on the good days, I will fill my heart with His words so that when I dearly need it, the Holy Spirit will them to my remembrance.

I hope the good days remain more than the bad days, I pray that my mind focuses on what matters, on the most important things, and that I do not let worry make me waste the other gift of life — which is TIME.