A tough morning (day), eventually a week in the life of a first-year MBA student

2 min readOct 17, 2023
E sope o tilo!

Monday morning

Oh dear, I struggled this morning.

Context — It’s Monday morning and I didn’t feel like waking up. My left eye was aching and I suspected it was a cluster headache episode. I was right, it was so bad I prayed to fall back asleep just so I would not feel the pain again.

Thursday evening

I got back to this draft and figured it did not just happen to be a tough morning on Monday, It has been a tough week. I documented the Monday episode in my menstrual app.

Suspected trigger — Slept really late!

Why? I was working on assignments

Why? I had deadlines to meet

Why? I did not start my assignments on time

Why? I had a lot to do and deprioritized homework

What to do next time? Start them in bits so I am not pressured on D-day for submission

I journaled a lot on this journey, everywhere possible :)

After the migraine episode, I managed to attend classes and the consulting career lab session. I was hungry & decided to warm my lunch before the financial tools classes, only for me to see that doors were closed everywhere and everyone’s attention was on the TV. A shooting had happened on campus and we were on lockdown!

What the heck? It felt like a movie, walahi. I honestly just wanted to be in bed, sleeping! I already had a long day. I was calm, had my lunch, and went to a study room to get some work done. Next thing, we were all coordinated to assemble in a classroom and once again, locked in. Now I felt tense, this is literally what we see in the news. I came here to study, Chapel Hill is supposedly safe but not anymore, I was disoriented. I tried to take in some course content but yo I did not understand anything! 2 hours later, we were all clear. Lots of emails, safety resources, mental & emotional resources tailed in, and bruv! I couldn’t anymore.

I got home and just watched a movie on Netflix and slept. Slept the longest since I moved here and just managed to wade through the day.

I drafted this sometime in August when a shooting incident happened in my school but for some reason, I didn’t post it, so here you go!